Academia Oklahoma City is a non-profit arts program with the mission to enrich children's lives through focus, discipline, and excellence in keeping cultural traditions alive through various art forms such as music, visual arts, dance, theater, creative writing, and film making while preserving the arts in Oklahoma.





Academia OKC has 3 general music programs, 1 guitar ensemble, 2 mariachi programs and 1 orchestra program as in-school programs in the OKC Metro area for k-12.

Beginning Spring 2019, we are accepting enrollment for Mariachi after school programs in beginning, intermediate, and advance classes k-12. Classes will include ensemble and sectionals. Classes are provided free for the public but students must provide their own instruments.
** after school program is contingent on funding.


Academia OKC is looking for baile flolklorico instructors for in-school programs to start Nov 2018 in elementary.

Film Making


Academia OKC has partnered with Dead Center and is offering high school students an all inclusive 1 day workshop statewide. Each seminar typically lasts one full 50-minute class period and includes an overview of the film industry in Oklahoma, how to come up with a topic for a film, writing screenplays, acting and auditioning for films, film production, available crew positions, basic sound and lighting, and film education opportunities in Oklahoma. Each topic is explored through an activity that gets the students collaborating and creating ideas together. They are offering this seminar free for this fall semester until early Dec 2018, includes all supplies. 

Creative Writing

Coming Soon.

Visual Arts

Academia OKC has 1 visual art program in KIPP elementary as an in-school program.

Plans for an after school program is to start in Spring 2019, contingent on funding. ***



“Preservation of one's own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other cultures.” - Cesar Chavez